Agriturismo La Cascina dei Vecchi Sapori
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Agriturismo La Cascina dei Vecchi Sapori

Tourism in Asti

Tourist information about Asti and its Province: - -

The Palio of Asti is one of the most important events in Piedmont and the second most important Palio in Italy. It is held on the third Sunday of September in the main square of the city, Piazza Alfieri. The origins of the horse-race date back to the XIII century. 21 jockeys riding bareback take part in the race.

Festival of the Sagre, about 40 villages of the Province of Asti offer their traditional food served with DOC wines of the area. During the morning, on the second Sunday of September, there is a colourful parade depicting the country life of the past.

Assedio di Canelli is a two-day historical commemoration of the siege of Canelli dating back to 1613. Over two thousand inhabitants in seventeenth-century costumes re-create the atmosphere of the historical period.

Douja d’Or is the national festival of DOC and DOCG wines organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Asti in collaboration with ONAV (National wine tasters association).